Is Your Pet Microchipped?

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as painless as a vaccination.
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Katey has literally been a part of Wilton Animal Hospital her entire life. As a young child, Katey would often come to work wither her dad, Dr. Maki. In 2000, the arrangement was formalized and Katey is now one of our most accomplished technicians and in 2015 became hospital manager.

Katey has adopted three rescue dogs. Her first dog, Twitch, was acquired at five weeks of age because the pup had developed seizures and required more intensive care than the rescue could provide. She also has Splash, a Catahoula Mix from Tennessee, and Soca, a Potthound from Grenada.

Additionally, Katey loves traveling and being outdoors regardless of the season. During the winter, she can be found on the ski slopes and snowshoeing and in the summer, she is either running or hiking with her dogs.